Summers are HERE!! SunBlock or SunScreen??

Sooo, It’s finally the time of the year when Summers have started to unleash their fury over most part of North-India. Though Summers give you the liberty to gorge on those scoops of Ice-Creams, a number of coolers, mock tails and ya not to forget,flaunt your amazing body too 😉 ; in those dresses, shorts, skirts and what not.. :D.

With those flaunting, comes the danger of exposing your skin to the ever blazing Summer Sun. And again….Yes, we have a way out..a number of products available today to protect the brunt of our dear Sun-God.

When we go out searching for the ideal product, many of us get confused as the list is unending, What SPF, What product SunScreen or a SunBlock?? ANd , in the end we (usually me), end up buying the one with higher SPF without giving a second thought so as to go for sunscreen or sunblock.

Having said that, I thought to do a post giving out the difference between a Sunscreen and Sunblock. Hope it helps and you choose the right product for yourself.

Starting with SUNSCREEN:
Sunscreen is a lightweight cream or lotion that is SPF (Sun Protection Factor)rated. It reacts with the skin to create an invisible barrier against the sun. The strength of the barrier is determined by the SPF number. The lower the number the less protection. Most sunscreens should be applied 20 minutes before you go outside so that it has time to work. Using a sunscreen will not prevent you from tanning but it will lower your risk of getting burned. One adavantage of using Sunsceen is that, it is less visible on the skin, blends like a moisturizer. Since, a long exposure to sun breaks it down, so you gotta re-apply every 2-3 hours if you stay in the Sun, most part of the day.

Coming to SUNBLOCK:
is comparatively thick lotion without an SPF (mostly) that creates a barrier from the harmful UV Rays coming from the sun. The chemical composition is very different from Sunscreen, if you see Zinc Oxide as one of the ingredient than its most likely, a SUNBLOCK.
Since, its thicker its more visible on the skin (appears white). Sunblock is best used for anyone planning to spend hours in the sun say, on a Beach Holiday.

Both Sunscreen and Sunblock protect against the Sun and its harmful radiations. To choose between the two, is a matter of personal choice and necessity. So, see what suits you and yes, use it liberally to maintain the glow of the skin and stay away from TAN!!

Currently Using: I have been a great fan of Lotus Sunscreens in both Gels and Creams/lotions but recently switched to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun Block SPF 50+. Will post a review soon on it!!!!!!!

Hope the post helps!!

Source: Exhaustive Internet  Search and Personal Experience!!

— Monika ❤




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