**Second Post**My APRIL FAB BAG!!!!

Hey guys! Hope you doing great!! I am so happy to come up with my second post so sooon ;). Well to begin with..lately I have been getting Fab Bags (‘coz I had a 3-month Subscription :P). You can also subscribe them HERE!!!

IMG_0988[1]  April Fab Bag

I renewed my Subscription, so..since I have started writing here recently, lets take up the Most Recent APRIL FAB BAG!!!!! It was a lovely bag..they bring in a new designed Bag each month, which is very useful post the usage of products. It acts as a Utility-Pouch to stock almost everything, be it makeup products, accessories et al. The pouches are super amazing, so much so that my mom and sister fight over which one they would take <I feel like so good, to decide and giveaway, haha>!!! So, back to the APRIL FAB BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very unusual thing happened this month with me; on the Intro card, wherein the FAB BAG Crew mentions the products in the bag had 4 samples and when I checked there were just 3, so I wrote back to them, and they very promptly responded and said they will ship the missing product soon. Thank You Fab Bag Crew! You guys Rock!!!!!!

So, I am waiting for that and till than,lets do a sneak-peek to the list of products I received in this:

Flormar Revolution Lipstick – R11 (the missing one)
> Za by Shiseido True White Day Cream — yet to use
> Sally Hansen Foot Scrub –used once : review soon
> I love..mango face mask : review in the Next Post! 🙂


The Za True White Day Cream


Sally Hansen Foot Scrub


I love…Mango face mask!

I love my Fab Bags and eagerly wait each month to put my hands on! With each Fag Bag, you get discount coupons for the full size products, if you wish to buy!

Do let me know in the comments, if you like my posts!

Reviews lined up and ya a very Important Post coming up very soon!!!!!!!!


–Monika ❤


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