**First Post**Za True White Cleansing Foam Review**First Review**

 Hi All,

I am super excited to post my first ever post in my blog “Exquisite Living”!!!!!!!!!

So here I goo..ZOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM………..;)

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Last week, I happened to visit NewU store just to buy few essentials where I happen to stumble upon the new range of Za Cosmetics (from the house of Shiseido), its a Japanese luxury brand. I wanted to try something new, hence started my search. 

The SA started showing me all the products the new range had to offer. Since, I wanted to go for a new face wash so I thought to go ahead with this “Za True White Cleansing Foam”.

Za True White range consists of a range of products that claims to make your skin brighter with ingredients consisting of primsm enhancer, Vitamin C granules.

Product Claims:

This whitening cleansing foam removes melanin contained excess surface skin cells and imparts moisturized translucent skin. It is mentioned that it comes loaded with a variety of minerals. Dermatologist-tested and Non-clogging to pores.

How to use: 

I wet my face before hand and take a pea-size amount on my palm and create the foam. (Wetting the face is better as than you need not dilute the product).Wash the face with water and pat-dry.

My Experience:


I loved the product. My skin is a combination skin, sometimes oily and sometimes dry with oily T-Zone. A pea-size quantity is enough to cover the whole face. It generates foam really fast and clears the skin completely leaving it fully moisturized. The  Vitamin C granules can be felt while you massage it on your face. The cleanser does not smell too strong and I personally loved using it on my face. It brightened up my face in no time leaving it soft and supple. After washing my face, I didn’t feel the need to moisturize my face as it looked just so radiant.

Since a small quantity is used, this tube goes a long way.


I would rate this product 5/5.

Will I re-purchase it:

Sure-shot, I am definitely gonna re-purchase this one This product is for keeps. So do try once.


INR 349/- for 100 g Net Wt. which is worth it.

Have you tried..if not than do it..You will find it worth your money.

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7 thoughts on “**First Post**Za True White Cleansing Foam Review**First Review**

  1. Hi Monika, I had my first experience with the ZA True White Cleansing Foam when I ordered my Envy Box (www.myenvybox.com) and absolutely loved ot from the first time I tried it. When I went online to order the full size tube, it was unavailable so though I have written to them, I have been screening websites to see where I might be able to order it from at the earliest. I was so glad to know from your post that it is available at NewU 🙂

    It really is a must try…n for keeps 🙂

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