Revival of my BLOG!

Hello readers,

I am extremely sorry for being just out of order. Had been caught in a tough family and work situation. I was just lost in my world, with so much clutter around me. I missed to blog, to write and yes I am back to be here to write not just about beauty but everything that keeps me going. My journey my way it is.

So..please please keep following and no I am not going to discover anytime soon. i am here and that too forever. Each week coming up with atleast two blog posts.

writing gives me solace, I love to pen down my thoughts, my life and just everything I do.

So again..its a new day .. a new me and same old blog with an exemplary freshness to it.

Welcome Back to my BLOG! Keep watching the space for more….

❤ Monika


Review: Tattva Vanilla Cinnamon LIP SCRUB – a must have in the dry winters!!

Hey Guys!

Recently received an amazing product in my December Fab Bag! And its none other  than a  LIP SCRUB by a brand known as Tattva by Shabia Walia ( Since, we are in one of the driest weather phase in North India especially, the skin needs more attention. We have always been concerned about body exfoliation, face exfoliation but what we ignore is ‘our lips’, the one part that brightens up the face.

Lip exfoliation makes your lips more moist and retain its moisture longer; helping to prevent cracked lips.

In winters , our skin gets very dry and often looks cracked, same goes off with our lips..a layer of dead skin crops up on the lips..which makes them look parched out and very dry. Hence, comes the need to scrub of that layer to flaunt those smooth pink, soft and supple lips.

So coming, to the product..since Fab Bag gives us a sample to try out..I got Vanilla Cinnamon Lip Scrub Sample weighing 15gms.


 Ingredients : The list comprises of very easily available stuff –

* Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Almond Oil, Cinnamon Powder, Vanilla.

image1               image1

Steps to Use:

**Take a small amount of the scrub as per the requirement.

**Apply on the lips covering both  and scrub for 30-40 seconds.

**Rinsed with lukewarm water and pat dry the lips.

**If you need, you can repeat once again.

** Moisturize the lips with a thick layer of lip balm or lip butter whichever you use. (I used Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream).

My Thoughts:

Well, I loved the product..its a very simple scrub..made my lips instantly smooth and soft. In the morning, I got up with really soft and supple pink lips. No dryness and the most important part is very easy to use. I think it’s one of the must haves product as lip-exfoliation is as important as face or body exfoliation , to get rid of the dead skin.

The only point I see it lacks is the fragrance part. Rest I am very happy to use this and would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I re-purchase:

Well, maybe..if I am not too lazy to make it on my own..since the ingredients are easily available at home.

If you want to buy, you can buy it from : store.

So, good bye to the CHAPPED LIPS! 😛

Well, if anyone of you have tried any of the lip-scubs, do let me know in the comments and I would try them too. If you liked my review do comment and let me know your thoughts.


Lots of Love

Monika ❤

Back with a BANG!! :D

Hi Guys! Well, it’s going to be an year in the next few months and my blog has not really felt like one, since I have been stuck up with so many things at my work, in my life so much is happening around me that I just feel like closing myself and doing nothing. But , I can’t just sit back and relax and side line my penchant of writing this amazing blog which I started way back, yes a long time now! Many a times, things don’t go as planned well I know most of the time, but than I guess it’s all about taking time out and managing stuff that matters and yes I have been ignoring all this lately. Not anymore, I can’t leave my passion of writing and hence no matter what I have to start again , may be all over from scratch I shall do that since I love expressing through my words, it gives me immense satisfaction to write, to be read and yes it makes me real happy. So, here’s raising a toast to new beginnings and new heights to achieve. Love Monika

In My October Fab Bag!!

Hi Guys!

I have been MIA just after starting my blog :(!!!!!

I was occupied with a lot of stuff which is why I could not even come up with any new posts though I have quite a number of drafts which I shall publish soon.

Okay! So coming to this post..well I received my October Fab Bag! This is like a sweet surprise from me to me ;)..ahaha..well yes the Fab Bags are a great indulgence. You all should try it and once you do you can’t refrain yourself from not subscribing again. It definitely is a treat to try different product samples which otherwise you will never across and yes most of the time you get a Full Size Product which is just sooo ah-mazinggg!
You can subscribe to the  Fab Bag HERE .



October Fab Bag!

October Fab Bag!

Well I have subscribed to Fab Bag quite a few times and now let me take you to this month’s yummy treats!
Since this month we had Diwali..this month’s Fab Bag is around the same theme “SPARKLE , SHINE and EVERYTHING FINE”. I received a very Sparkling Blue Fab Bag. It’s a lovely Cobalt Blue Bag but I quite didn’t like the material of which the bag is made of since the last fab bags have been really nice..High Expectations Maybe.

Ohhk , talking about what constitutes the October Fab Bag, here we go:

* SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream with SPF 20 – Light (shade) : Full Size
* Just Herbs 6 Step Organic Skin Care Kit (For Normal/Dry Skin) : Well I have Combination Skin.. 😦
* The Nature’s Co Tea Tree Hair Nourishing Cream : Sample
*** Bonus is a 2-Week Trial Pack of Acuvue Lenses! Yes they are my power! 🙂

SeaSoul HD CC Cream (Light)

SeaSoul HD CC Cream (Light)


The Nature's Co Tea  Tree Hair Nourishing Cream

The Nature’s Co Tea Tree Hair Nourishing Cream


Just Herbs Kit

Just Herbs Organic Skin Care Kit (Normal/Dry Skin)


I am superrr excited to try this month’s products as I have been longing to try Just Herbs and The Nature’s Co since long and now finally I have my hands on both the Brands. Thanks to The Fab Bag Team.

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The review of all of these products in the next post! Coming veryyyy sooon! Keep looking around!

Love ❤

Monika! 🙂

Sunscreen Review: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SUNBLOCK!! **

Hi lovely people!

Hope you are good and keeping yourself cool, as the temperature is soaring…blah!

Took sometime to be back with another post!

Since Summers are in full mode, in my previous post I did mention about Sunblock and Sunscreens , what is the difference and just a small insight for you guys! Well, I have always been using sunscreens from various brands, be it VLCC, Lakme, Neutrogena, Lotus with various SPF factors, this time I stumbled upon a Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock with SPF 50+. I have been using it for quite sometime now, so thought to come up with a review.

Image   Image

Product Claims:

  • Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Waterproof.
  • Sweatproof
  • Resists rub-off
  • Non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores)
  • Oil free and PABA free

Price: INR 450/- bought from NEWU store.

Directions to Apply: Apply liberally on body before 15-20 minutes of sun-exposure. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection especially after swimming, sweating, towel drying or extended sun – exposure.

My Take on the Product: I have been using it for 3-4 weeks now and yes I have started falling for it. Since, it is a Sunblock it is definitely a thick lotion. Sunblocks are mostly used by people who have extended exposure to sun (read: Sunscreen or Sunblock). The consistency is definitely thick and is easy to apply. It is easily absorb-able. Yes, it takes sometime to settle completely.  It’s best to apply atleast 15 minutes before going out in the sun. I take a substantial amount to cover up my face, neck ,arms and yes even my foot (if I am wearing a open shoes, otherwise body lotion would do). One thing which I quite like about this is (even being a Sunblock) that it doesn’t leave me with white patches which many sunscreens have done previously. Also, since I don’t stay out in the sun (thanks to my job), I apply it once and again if I need to. Yes, I do agree it does makes my skin even and smooth and is sweat proof. It has a matte finish and trust me, it is one product which is a must for Summer Essentials List!!!!!!

One thing, which I feel is important to share is I apply it over my moisturizer. It is the last product I use on my skin and yes to all the exposed parts.

Buy it HERE!

Would love to hear from all of you, what all you guys are using!!!!!!!!!  if you liked the posts, do comment and let me know the views.

Have an amazing day!

— Monika ❤


Summers are HERE!! SunBlock or SunScreen??

Sooo, It’s finally the time of the year when Summers have started to unleash their fury over most part of North-India. Though Summers give you the liberty to gorge on those scoops of Ice-Creams, a number of coolers, mock tails and ya not to forget,flaunt your amazing body too 😉 ; in those dresses, shorts, skirts and what not.. :D.

With those flaunting, comes the danger of exposing your skin to the ever blazing Summer Sun. And again….Yes, we have a way out..a number of products available today to protect the brunt of our dear Sun-God.

When we go out searching for the ideal product, many of us get confused as the list is unending, What SPF, What product SunScreen or a SunBlock?? ANd , in the end we (usually me), end up buying the one with higher SPF without giving a second thought so as to go for sunscreen or sunblock.

Having said that, I thought to do a post giving out the difference between a Sunscreen and Sunblock. Hope it helps and you choose the right product for yourself.

Starting with SUNSCREEN:
Sunscreen is a lightweight cream or lotion that is SPF (Sun Protection Factor)rated. It reacts with the skin to create an invisible barrier against the sun. The strength of the barrier is determined by the SPF number. The lower the number the less protection. Most sunscreens should be applied 20 minutes before you go outside so that it has time to work. Using a sunscreen will not prevent you from tanning but it will lower your risk of getting burned. One adavantage of using Sunsceen is that, it is less visible on the skin, blends like a moisturizer. Since, a long exposure to sun breaks it down, so you gotta re-apply every 2-3 hours if you stay in the Sun, most part of the day.

Coming to SUNBLOCK:
is comparatively thick lotion without an SPF (mostly) that creates a barrier from the harmful UV Rays coming from the sun. The chemical composition is very different from Sunscreen, if you see Zinc Oxide as one of the ingredient than its most likely, a SUNBLOCK.
Since, its thicker its more visible on the skin (appears white). Sunblock is best used for anyone planning to spend hours in the sun say, on a Beach Holiday.

Both Sunscreen and Sunblock protect against the Sun and its harmful radiations. To choose between the two, is a matter of personal choice and necessity. So, see what suits you and yes, use it liberally to maintain the glow of the skin and stay away from TAN!!

Currently Using: I have been a great fan of Lotus Sunscreens in both Gels and Creams/lotions but recently switched to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun Block SPF 50+. Will post a review soon on it!!!!!!!

Hope the post helps!!

Source: Exhaustive Internet  Search and Personal Experience!!

— Monika ❤



**Second Post**My APRIL FAB BAG!!!!

Hey guys! Hope you doing great!! I am so happy to come up with my second post so sooon ;). Well to begin with..lately I have been getting Fab Bags (‘coz I had a 3-month Subscription :P). You can also subscribe them HERE!!!

IMG_0988[1]  April Fab Bag

I renewed my Subscription, so..since I have started writing here recently, lets take up the Most Recent APRIL FAB BAG!!!!! It was a lovely bag..they bring in a new designed Bag each month, which is very useful post the usage of products. It acts as a Utility-Pouch to stock almost everything, be it makeup products, accessories et al. The pouches are super amazing, so much so that my mom and sister fight over which one they would take <I feel like so good, to decide and giveaway, haha>!!! So, back to the APRIL FAB BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very unusual thing happened this month with me; on the Intro card, wherein the FAB BAG Crew mentions the products in the bag had 4 samples and when I checked there were just 3, so I wrote back to them, and they very promptly responded and said they will ship the missing product soon. Thank You Fab Bag Crew! You guys Rock!!!!!!

So, I am waiting for that and till than,lets do a sneak-peek to the list of products I received in this:

Flormar Revolution Lipstick – R11 (the missing one)
> Za by Shiseido True White Day Cream — yet to use
> Sally Hansen Foot Scrub –used once : review soon
> I face mask : review in the Next Post! 🙂


The Za True White Day Cream


Sally Hansen Foot Scrub


I love…Mango face mask!

I love my Fab Bags and eagerly wait each month to put my hands on! With each Fag Bag, you get discount coupons for the full size products, if you wish to buy!

Do let me know in the comments, if you like my posts!

Reviews lined up and ya a very Important Post coming up very soon!!!!!!!!


–Monika ❤

**First Post**Za True White Cleansing Foam Review**First Review**

 Hi All,

I am super excited to post my first ever post in my blog “Exquisite Living”!!!!!!!!!

So here I goo..ZOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM………..;)

   Image                          Image


Last week, I happened to visit NewU store just to buy few essentials where I happen to stumble upon the new range of Za Cosmetics (from the house of Shiseido), its a Japanese luxury brand. I wanted to try something new, hence started my search. 

The SA started showing me all the products the new range had to offer. Since, I wanted to go for a new face wash so I thought to go ahead with this “Za True White Cleansing Foam”.

Za True White range consists of a range of products that claims to make your skin brighter with ingredients consisting of primsm enhancer, Vitamin C granules.

Product Claims:

This whitening cleansing foam removes melanin contained excess surface skin cells and imparts moisturized translucent skin. It is mentioned that it comes loaded with a variety of minerals. Dermatologist-tested and Non-clogging to pores.

How to use: 

I wet my face before hand and take a pea-size amount on my palm and create the foam. (Wetting the face is better as than you need not dilute the product).Wash the face with water and pat-dry.

My Experience:


I loved the product. My skin is a combination skin, sometimes oily and sometimes dry with oily T-Zone. A pea-size quantity is enough to cover the whole face. It generates foam really fast and clears the skin completely leaving it fully moisturized. The  Vitamin C granules can be felt while you massage it on your face. The cleanser does not smell too strong and I personally loved using it on my face. It brightened up my face in no time leaving it soft and supple. After washing my face, I didn’t feel the need to moisturize my face as it looked just so radiant.

Since a small quantity is used, this tube goes a long way.


I would rate this product 5/5.

Will I re-purchase it:

Sure-shot, I am definitely gonna re-purchase this one This product is for keeps. So do try once.


INR 349/- for 100 g Net Wt. which is worth it.

Have you tried..if not than do it..You will find it worth your money.

Leave in your comments!!


Welcome Note!!

Hey people!!

I welcome you all to my blog “EXQUISITE LIVING”. I am ready to embark on this unending journey of being a Fashion and Beauty and Lifestyle (;)) Blogger!!

My Blog goes live today, making it more special because it shares its Birthday with none other than “Audrey Hepburn” the evergreen Fashion Icon..!!!

So guys follow me..for all the reviews of the amazing amazing products I use, new trends setting in..and lots and lots of things..

Welcome to EXQUISITE LIVING! Be Beautiful!!!!!!!!

–Monika ❤